Summary: The global manufacturing industry is at the cusp of major technological transformation, and Australia and India can be dependable
Summary: The COVID-19 crisis has given India an opportunity to leverage its image and reputation as a trusted, neutral and credible
When: June 25, 2020 From the economy to their health systems, to their homes, COVID-19 is affecting girls and women
Summary: The COVID-19 pandemic has been a great leveller across the world. But its effects stand to be devastating particularly
Covid-19 has allowed New Delhi to show a collaborative andconstructive brand of diplomacy, instead of zero-sum rivalry. Summary: For those
In this IUKDPF Analysis paper, Dr. Jai Bhatia explores complexities in the data published by the Export Import Bank of
Summary: Since the first India-Africa Forum Summit in 2008, India’s development cooperation initiatives with the countries of African continent have
Summary: The term medical tourism is used in common parlance to describe the phenomenon of foreign patients seeking healthcare in
Summary: The biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, known as “big pharma”, are American and European. The top five are
Summary: Development diplomacy refers to the repurposing of development assistance to service public diplomacy ambitions and aspirations, and simultaneously achieve development goals.