Introduction: In recent years, Mohandas Gandhi’s life and works in South Africa have seen vigorous re-appraisals and critical assessments from
Summary: With China’s top-level Africa forum set to begin in Beijing on 3-4 September, many outsiders not invited to the
Summary: India, along with China, is one of the ascendant economic powers of the 21st century, so it is only natural
Summary: The East African region is the fastest growing region within the African continent with a growth rate of 5.3
From India’s Grand Strategy, this chapter takes a look at the institutional origins and determinants of India's Africa Policy. Abstract:
Summary: Prime Minister Modi’s visit to three African countries last week should be seen in the larger context of the
Summary: India’s engagement with Africa has involved peacekeeping, student scholarships, humanitarian relief, and private and public sector investments. This has
Abstract: India's rise in Africa has been largely overlooked, despite the important implications of the growing presence of Indian corporations
Abstract: India is seen as an exceptional power among some policymakers and academics — a bastion of certain normative values
Abstract: Contemporary political economy, driven by the juggernaut ofeconomic and technological globalisation, has thrown out new opportunities and new challenges