Author's Abstract This paper attempts to understand India’s vaccine diplomacy in three phases. First, it charts India’s efforts in providing
Author's Abstract India is leading the charge when it comes to solar projects and initiatives. In this piece, Dr. Balls
IUKDPF’s Supriya Roychoudhury speaks with Suhela Khan, who currently leads the EU’s WeEmpower Programme at UN Women – a programme
Jonathan Balls India and the United Kingdom collaborating on the 'Green Grid Initiative - One Sun One World One Grid'
Author's Abstract India’s premier development cooperation scheme in Africa, the Indian Development and Economic Assistance Cooperation Scheme-Lines of Credit (IDEAS-LoCs), has
Author's Abstract Around the world, we are witnessing the re-emergence of large hydropower projects, which were successfully resisted and abandoned
Authors' Abstract Offers an interdisciplinary, evidence-based take on the India-Africa partnerships in agricultureLooks at the tangible outcomes but also the
Authors' Abstract India is home to a dynamic and vibrant community of civil society organisations (CSOs). Indian CSOs are often
Author's Abstract In the area of international relations, people to people connection is an important form of interactions, which is
Author's Abstract The emotional and ideological factor to express solidarity with the other developing countries is the main driving factor