Impact of India’s economy on its foreign policy since independence

This essay focuses on the impact of India’s economy on Indian foreign policy since the country’s independence in 1947. By tracing the economic policies and reforms from the search for an autonomous policy from 1947 to present day engagement with a globalised world, the shaping of foreign policy can be recognised in the context shifting international perceptions of its potential and rise on the global stage.

Post description

  • Publication year: 2009
  • Content type: Research paper (report)
  • Form of cooperation: Comprehensive
  • Cooperation context: Multilateral
  • Region (country): 
  • Sector: Multisectoral; trade
  • Institution (publication): Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
  • Author (and co-authors): David M Malone and Rajeev Chaturvedy
  • Keywords: Economic policy; independence; foreign policy; foreign aid; economic diplomacy
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