India’s Interface with East and Southern Africa: Strengthening People Connections

Author’s Abstract

In the area of international relations, people to people connection is an important form of interactions, which is essential for building a meaningful and long-term partnership between nations. It includes a wide gamut of exchanges and relations in areas such as culture, arts, history, education, media, diaspora, and tourism. With regard to India’s relations with countries of East African Community (EAC) and Southern African Development Cooperation (SADC), it is observed that though the relations between business and governments of both sides have deepened and diversified there is still so much lack of awareness about each other. In this context, the paper focuses on the significance of education collaboration, media interactions and diaspora linkages in strengthening people to people relations between both sides. It examines the imperatives for building these connections, the initiatives that have been taken so far and the ways how these connections can be further enhanced.

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