IUKDPF Report: A Visual Tour of EXIM Bank of India’s Operative Lines of Credit

In this report, Dr. Jai Bhatia visualizes the various recipients of EXIM Bank’s total operative lines of credit. The full report is available to download below.

Executive Summary:

  • EXIM Bank’s total operative lines of credit (LoCs) in 2020 were US$24.9 billion
  • Asia accounts for the largest share (56%) of the LoCs, notably Bangladesh which accounts for 31.5% of total LoCs.
  • The three largest recipients of EXIM Bank’s LoCs are Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, highlighting India’s growing influence in South Asia and its ‘Neighbourhood First’ foreign policy.
  • Infrastructure projects account for over 43% of LoCs by value. Railways account for over 32% of infrastructure projects.
  • 23% of LoCs are either yet to be specified or include multiple projects under one LoC. These projects are categorised as others in this report.