Politics in the developing world

Over the last few decades, India has been not only a recipient of aid (at one time, the largest in the world), but also a provider of concessional loans, grants, technical assistance, peacekeeping forces, humanitarian assistance, debt relief, and so on. This chapter explores how and why a country that still has more absolutely poor people that the whole of sub-Saharan Africa gives development assistance to countries in Asia, Africa and beyond. It starts with a brief introduction to the issue of the ‘(re-)emerging’ development actors and then moves on to a more detailed analysis of India’s development cooperation.

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  • Publication year: 2020 (5th edition)
  • Content type: Book chapter, India as a post-colonial development partner
  • Form of cooperation: Comprehensive
  • Cooperation context: Multilateral
  • Region (country): 
  • Sector: Multisectoral
  • Institution (publication): Oxford University Press
  • Editors: Peter Burnell, Vicky Randall and Lise Rakner (Author: Emma Mawdsley, ch.30)
  • Keywords: Rising powers; South-South cooperation
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