Between post-colonial solidarity for sustainable energy transitions and neo-colonial extraction: Investigating India’s role in the East African energy landscape   

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This interdisciplinary project, funded by the White Rose Collaboration Fund and the IUKDPF brings together researchers from a diverse range of sectoral and regional experiences to contribute to a research project on India’s growing role in the East African (Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya) energy sector. The last decade has seen an increasing attention on South-South co-operation in infrastructure development, especially on the growing role of BRICS countries in Africa. To date, less attention has been given to India’s role in energy in Africa, where the historical presence of an Indian diaspora and its complicated colonial linkages provide India a different entry point than China. The project will develop a research agenda to investigate: ‘What are the drivers and implications of India’s role in East African energy transitions?’ The first stage of the project will involve three workshops, bringing together researchers from the University of Sheffield, University of York, the University of Leeds, and the University of Cambridge. The second stage of the project will involve the writing and submission of an agenda setting journal article, the preperation of an ESRC/GCRF grant bid for funding to conduct research on India’s role in development and energy transitions in East Africa, and the development of a robust international institutional network.

Name of researchers:
Dr Jonathan Balls, University of Cambridge

Dr Ankit Kumar, University of Sheffield