India’s international leadership on clean energy and climate collaboration

This research project looks at Indian led international partnerships and fora to promote collaboration on clean energy and city cooling. It focuses on two case studies: the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and the Global Cooling Prize. 

Energy and climate are key areas to look at how India is functioning as an international development leader. India is home to significant expertise in the clean energy and city cooling sectors. It has a growing number of innovative businesses in both sectors. At the same time, ensuring affordable, sustainable, and modern energy for all and keeping its cities cool in a warming climate are grand challenges for India. In this context, India is increasingly taking a leaderships role internationally on clean energy and cooling, and is developing new partnerships and fora to promote further collaboration in these areas. India frames itself as having technology and knowledge to bring to the world. In particular, it sees its technology and expertise as ideally suited for other developing country contexts.  

The project will firstly map collaboration associated with the ISA and Global Cooling Prize. Second, it will examine the extent to which India is developing collaborations that are informed by notions of South-South solidarity and according to India’s ability to offer appropriate technologies. Finally, third, it will examine the intersection between India’ leadership in promoting collaboration and it’s trade interests. 

Name of researcher:
Dr Jonathan Balls, University of Cambridge


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