Politics and Diplomacy

Like all development partners, India uses development cooperation to pursue its diplomatic and geopolitical goals. India is also a major global power, and it plays a unique role on the world stage and within institutions of global governance. The ‘Politics and Diplomacy’ work-stream examines the opportunities and challenges of Indian Development Cooperation as tools of statecraft, not least with regards to the pursuit of ‘soft power’ and influence abroad. 

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IUKDPF members and partners speak to a broad range of key academics and policy-makers on the politics and diplomacy surrounding India’s development cooperation.

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Dr Jack R. Taggart

Cluster Lead

Dr Jack Taggart is the Project Manager of the IUKDPF and he is also the cluster lead for the Politics and Diplomacy work stream. Jack is a critical political economist and his research examines global governance and the dynamics of international development. Specifically, his research is concerned with the intersection of 'old' and 'new' development actors - including the rise of new public and private providers of development finance - and shifts over the global governance and meanings of development in the current era.