Unpacking India’s Global Development Financing: Lines of Credit and Beyond

In this report, IUKDPF Consultant Dr Laura Trajber Waisbich and Dr Jai Bhatia provide an overview of the current main development financing instruments employed by the Government of India in its development partnerships. 

Executive summary

    • India has expanded its development diplomacy over the last decade with a range of old and new development financing instruments. 
    • This report shows the increasing complexity of India’s current global development financing, beyond its traditional extension of lines of credit, including the growing use of bank guarantees and co-financing through multilateral/multi-stakeholder schemes. 
    • It unpacks India’s Ministry of External Affairs-led bilateral grants and loans, India’s multilateral and bilateral humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. 
    • The report emphasises opportunities and challenges of this expansion and diversification, as India strengthens its leadership on South-South cooperation, renewables, resilient infrastructure, and beyond.